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For over 30 illustrious years, Navami has sculpted a legacy of excellence in construction. Our portfolio boasts an impressive array of accomplishments, with more than 41 projects brought to life and an astounding 9.5 million square feet of architectural marvels crafted with precision. At Navami, each project is not a mere undertaking; it’s a cherished jewel that reflects our dedication.

Our journey is a symphony of experience and innovation. With every completed project, we infuse a piece of our soul into the built environment, fusing elegance and functionality. These projects aren’t just constructions; they’re living stories that stand as testaments to our commitment to transforming spaces into living art.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


To create world class buildings as per national & international standards while maintaining quality, safety, perfection, values, high transparency, time frame, eco friendly and create an environment in the construction industry where no one will get an unfair deal in achieving his or her dream home


To keep in pace with the ever changing modern technology while practicing good ethics and ideologies to create quality products. We believe that hard work has no alternatives. So, as a company we strive hard to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Core Values

People Oriented

We believe that our main strength is every member of the Navami workforce. They are highly skilled individuals working in a highly motivated environment who help us service you with the best.


We believe in serving our clients in a professional yet friendly manner. We have a structured and systematic approach. We do our best to frequently improve our skills and technology.


The key characteristic of all Navami staffs and basic principle in our day to day work is honesty & transparency


The principle foundation to everything we do is quality. We certify our customers the topmost quality production in all aspects.


At all our workplaces safety is our top priority & heavy investments are made relating to safety training & practices.

Team Work

We believe that the pillar of our success that permits us to exhibit the highest confidence to our customers is teamwork.

More About the Project

Project Highlights

About the Project

Chamara Heights occupies a location where Nature, Luxury, and Progress come together. Discover a High-Quality lifestyle in expansive 2 & 3 BHK apartments, where the vast greenery offers a refreshing escape from the busy city life. The extensive recreational amenities seamlessly blend with top-notch Educational, Hospital, Shopping, and Dining options, creating a Harmonious Environment. By choosing to reside here, you not only live within the premises but also relish the vibrant world surrounding you.

2.1 Acre
Launch on:
March 2024
1130 to 1560 Sqft
Contact us for Price
2 BHK, 2.5 BHK
and 3 BHK
2 Towers – 231 Units
Possession on:
June 2028
RERA NO: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/ 309/PR/060324/ 006678

Project Images

Tower A & B excavation works completed

Tower A : Footing works completed. Basement works in progress.

  • Tower A basement column reinforcement works com.
  • Column casting works in progress.
  • STP reinforcement works completed & casting works in progress.
  • The STP tank works in progress.
  • Tower A, Ground Floor slab works in progress.
  • Tower B, Raft footing works in progress.
  • Tower A : Ground Floor slab works in progress.
  • Tower B: Raft footing works completed. Column casting works in progress.
  • Non tower area footing works in progress.

Floor Plans

Site Plan

Club House

Cluster Plan

FLAT NO – 002

SBA – 1130 sq ft.
Carpet Area – 779.50 sq ft.

FLAT NO – 005

2 BHK with STUDY – 2 Toilets
SBA – 1275 sq ft.
Carpet Area – 876.50 sq ft.

FLAT NO – 001

3 BHK – 3 Toilets
SBA – 1460 sq ft.
Carpet Area – 1027.47 sq ft

FLAT NO – 006

3 BHK – 3 Toilets
SBA – 1520 sq ft.
Carpet Area – 1050.60 sq ft.

FLAT NO – 003

3 BHK – 3 Toilets
SBA – 1560 sq ft.
Carpet Area – 1064 sq ft.

FLAT NO – 004

3 BHK – 3 Toilets
SBA – 1560 sq ft.
Carpet Area – 1064 sq ft.



Specifications of The Project





Kitchen, Toilet & Utility Dadoing





Staircase, Lift & Lobby Flooring


Back Up Power

Car Park

Air Conditioning

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